NJBIA Urges Assembly to Reject Paid Sick Leave Mandate

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association continues to strongly oppose the mandatory paid sick leave bill now poised for a vote in the state Assembly. The legislation was approved today by the Assembly Budget Committee sending the proposal on for a floor vote in the lower house.

The bill would require all employers with ten or more employees to provide nine paid sick days per year and employers with fewer than ten to provide five days. All days could be carried over from one year to the next.

“Many New Jersey employers already provide their employees with paid sick leave,” said NJBIA President Michele Siekerka. “We should not punish the vast majority of those who already have a paid sick leave policy because of the few bad actors who don’t.

“Our members are approaching 2015 with caution because of a difficult regulatory and state government climate. The last thing we should be doing is imposing another government mandate on business that might cause them to keep their wallets closed.”

“Mandating paid sick leave will place a particular burden on small business,” said NJBIA Assistant Vice President Stefanie Riehl. “Not only will our members be required to pay the salaries of employees who are out sick, but they will also have to pay the salaries of replacement workers. Paying double wages will place an added financial burden on our members.”

The legislation also places an administrative burden on businesses with sick leave and paid time off policies who will now have to rewrite those policies to come into compliance with a new paid sick leave law.

“Continuing to place mandates on business without considering their overall impact is not helpful at a time when we are trying to ensure New Jersey is more welcoming to business,” concluded Siekerka.

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