Letter for Legislators

To Legislators:

Legislation is being considered which would impose a paid sick leave mandate on all businesses including those that already provide time off. This one-size-fits all approach is bad for business.

I am writing to ask you to OPPOSE A-2354.

The bill requires employers to provide either five or nine sick days per year (depending on business size) to all workers, including those that are hired on a full-time, part-time or temporary basis. It forces employers to pay the salary of an employee who is home sick and the salary of their replacement.  The bill also allows for the carry-forward of time from year to year and requires employers to keep records of the time every employee takes for at least five years.

Under the legislation, I will not be able to ask my employee for a doctor’s note without paying all the expenses they would incur in getting the note and facing serious legal liability issues. I will also not be able to require my employees to make arrangements to have their work covered even when their absences are foreseeable.

I have always had the ability to offer benefits and establish policies based on what works best for my business and my workforce. No one, including me, wants an employee to come to work when they are sick. But imposing a blanket policy all employers must follow – even those with existing policies – fails e into account both sides of the issue.

I strongly oppose A-2354 and ask that you vote “no” on the legislation.

Thank you


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