Business Testimonials

“We are a small (29 employees) family owned business which has been doing business since 1946.  We already have very generous plans in place such as vacation, medical insurance, bonuses, Profit sharing, etc.  We do not provide Sick Leave.  What we have is a Well Day Program – for every month an employees is not out sick, does not come in late, or does not leave early, he/she receives an extra 8 hours pay that month.  We gave the employees a vote last year to see if they wanted to do away with the Well Pay Program and have a traditional Sick Pay Program, and they soundly voted to keep the Well Pay Program.”

Susan S. Fay

“Paying employees/teachers for time off, plus paying another employee to substitute their teaching schedule while they are absent, is not feasible. Our employees are paid well between $20 and $30 an hour, based upon their degree, experience and how well they perform here and how long they have been working here. What we have always done, and this should/would be true with all state-wide music, dance, performing arts schools where a bulk of their customers/clients are one-to-one and instructionally based – is we offer students/parents a “make-up lesson” if the teacher is absent for sickness or a personal conflict. We do this, and have always done this, because students/parents want continuity with their teacher. So if a teacher is sick on a Monday, re-scheduling the teacher’s classes/lessons that day for a Friday, for example, is convenient for the student/parent and the teacher/employee. Overall, this limits a lot of absenteeism and reinforces responsibility, professionalism and care in what they are doing, teaching.”

Brandon Kurzawa, B.M., M.Ed.
Founder, Director
Music Notes Academy, LLC

“Based on the number of employees we have it would cost us approximately $150,000 for payroll and payroll taxes and additional administrative costs to keep track of the time off.  So obviously this would be an extreme hardship to our business.”

Steven Blankrot, CPA
Passaic Metal & Building Supplies Co.

“We currently have 143 hourly employees with an average hourly wage of $18.29. So we will grow easily to 160 over the next few months. Increased annual labor costs are calculated at $93 645!!  Add the taxes we need to pay on these wages it will easily run us over $100,000 per year. Our employees currently use about 60% of the 5 paid sick/personal days we allow them to have now. We will lose approximately 3,072 labor hours per year in additional absences.”

Scott Ernst
VP of Human Resources
Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems

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